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Imaganize is a powerful tool made for image organization on Android and iOS devices. It lets you manually organize your photos in the fastest and the simplest way.

Powerfull Features

With the new audio playback engine Samply brings a lot of new powerful features
suggested by the users and crafted with attention

Audio Engine

The new audio engine lets you play with your samples without any noticeable lag

Fully customizable

You can make the application look the way you like it with the beautiful flat button design and ability to change its color or label

Sample sets

With the 6 different sample sets you can load up to 96 different samples at once and each sample is fully customizable

Gesture actions

Sample playback is easily modified with the gestures, for example you can swipe the button down to activate the looping or swipe right to pause the sample

In App Purchases

For the satisfied users there are In App Purchases which let add new premium features to their Sampler


If you have any problems or questions about the application we'll make sure to respond you in less than 24 hours

Features you can not miss today

Lag Free Playback

With the new Audio engine you can't feel any lag when playing the samples which is one of the most important things on the DJ Samplers

Aesthetic Design

The application is fully flat-designed and that makes it so easy to use and so easy to customize it the way you like

We are listening

If you need unique feature in the application feel free to hit us up with an email. If we end up liking your idea we may implement it in the next update

Apps Screenshots

We are carefully reading every single review and critic of our applications
to keep them stable and make the users happy

Samply - DJ Sampler

Samply is our free dj sampler application and the new version brings lots of new features on both Android and iOS

Lost - The Colorful Game

Lost is a simple arcade game with lots of different colors. It may sound easy but in fact, it's very hard

Quotes For You

Find some of the best quotes ever in one application and filter them the way you like

Media Scanner

If you just transferred some media files to your device and they are not showing in the database(galleries, music players...) Media Scanner could help you

Media Scanner

This application will search for all media files on your device and update your Android media store

Frost - Task and Notes

Frost lets you manage your tasks and notes. It comes with beautiful material design and some awesome pictures


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Other Apps

Developing mobile applications is our passion and we'll always be in search
for new ideas to keep on improving


Frost - Tasks and Notes



Pocket Sampler



Touch 'n' Beat - Levels



Media Scanner

Media & Video


Other Apps Features

As we develop our applications get bigger and we are always looking
forward to put in the best features we can imagine

  • Frost
  • FREE
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Notifications
  • Customize
  • Pocket Sampler
  • $ 1.36
  • 16 Usable Buttons
  • Reliability
  • Audio Recording
  • Supports 10 Different Audio File Types
  • Media Scanner
  • FREE
  • One Tap Solution
  • Choose Your Own Scanning Path
  • In App Purchases
  • Quickly List All Media Files


Currently we have 10+ apps on Google Play and 5 on ios App Store and we're
looking forward to make those numbers greater

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